Advice on How to Fix a Leaking Shower

showerThe dripping sound that comes from a leaking shower can quickly become very annoying, but more importantly that is the sound of money being wasted on water that isn’t even being used. To put an end to this senseless misuse of our water resources before finally calling Plumbers Perth, here is some advice you can try on how to fix a leaking shower:

1. Fix Shower Handle

2. Fix Shower Faucet

3. What To Do If That Doesn’t Work

Fix Shower Handle: When we are looking at how to fix a leaking shower one of the things that can need fixing is the showers handle. First check to make sure that the handle to your shower is turned all the way to the off position. If the shower continues to leak you can try replacing the cartridge for the shower handle.


Before you uninstall and reinstall the handle you will want to turn off the water valve to your bathroom or, if a valve specifically for your bathroom cannot be found, turn off the valve to your home. This will prevent water from pouring everywhere when you uninstall the shower handle.

Once this is done remove the cap on the front of the handle and unscrew the handle from the shower. Remove the inner shaft of the handle known as the cartridge and inspect it for cracks or chips, if it is damaged get a replacement at a hardware store, otherwise reinstall it make sure that it is installed snuggly.

Fix Shower Faucet: If replacing the shower handle does not work you another method for how to fix a leaking shower is to fix the shower faucet. If the faucet itself is dripping you could have a broken gasket, the rubber seal that stops water from leaking where the main pipe connects to the faucet. You begin again by shutting off the water in your home at the main valve.

Next you undo the shower faucet and remove the rubber gasket which will be a ring on the end of the faucet connection. Replace this ring and reattach the faucet to the shower, again making sure to install the fixture snuggly before turning on the main water.

What To Do If That Doesn’t Work: These are the most common solutions for how to fix a leaking shower, but if these don’t work you’ll need to consider another option. If you are unable to stop the leak with these methods it will be in your best interests to consult a professional. You can explain what you have tried, where it is leaking, and then ask what can be done. They will be able to give you their best advice on your unique situation but will likely need to inspect it first hand and then be able to help you stop the leak.

Now you know a bit more about how to fix a leaking shower. You will be able to fix both the shower handle and shower faucet without needing to consult an expert and in most cases this will fix the issue. However, if that doesn’t you’ll know that you have a situation that requires an expert in the trade and know that you are getting your money’s worth out of their repair job. You can also click here for another easy steps to fixing a leaky shower head.

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