3 Tips to Control Termites Around Your Home

termite controlIf termites move on to your property, it doesn’t take long for them to cause complete and utter destruction. Infestations are most often noticed in the spring months, when colonies swarm but can grow in size throughout the year. Unfortunately, there are very few ways that you can remove termites on your own once they’ve set up moved into your home. The best option is to take preventative measures to avoid them moving in. You might also wanna call on the help of a professional like the experts at Pest Control Perth.

You can make your home less appealing for termite populations by following these tips:

Stack Wood and Cellulose Products Carefully

Termites need food and water to survive and build up colonies. This means that if you have a woodpile, a mulch pile, or even bags of wood chips or mulch near the foundation of your home, termites have an easy to access food source. This encourages them to move in and start a colony. To keep termites at bay, be sure to relocate wood piles and mulch to the edges of your property, away from your home and any other structures.

Divert Water Away from Your Foundation

Termites like moist, warm areas to build their colonies. If you have water leaking near your foundation, or if water naturally puddles near your foundation, this can make a termite colony especially happy. Avoid unwanted settlers by eliminating leaks as soon as they are discovered. Install gutters and landscaping to divert water away from the foundation of your home. This will deprive termites of the additional moisture that they need to be happy, and may lead them to seek shelter elsewhere.

Avoid Landscaping Near Your Foundation

While it’s fairly common to add flower beds under windows and attractive shrubs and ground covers near your home, this can actually invite unwanted pests. Before installing landscaping, you may want to consider sealing around your foundation. Alternatively, leave some space between the edges of your flower beds and mulch and the foundation of your home. This will help limit the food and water that termite colonies are able to obtain fromyour landscaping, and may help discourage them from settling in.

Once termites have moved into your home, there’s almost no way you can get rid of them on your own. Instead, you need to have a professional exterminator visit and professionally treat your home’s beams, foundation, and basement. They can help eliminate existing termite colonies while discouraging future colonies from setting up shop.

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